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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by darkwing98 on Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:21 pm

Here are some FAQ's to help new players. Please read this fully before posting your own thread!

Revaicon's thread actually already tells you a lot of this stuff, but some people are lazy and don't check the guides before they go to post in support.
Use ctrl+f to look for a specific question. If you can't find it (or you have a suggestion) post it in the comments.

Q: Help, I lost items in fm or a shop. Can I be refunded?
A: Refunds are rare, but possible if you have good evidence such as screenshots or a video. Record your maple using fraps (30 second version is fine) if you are making a shop with expensive items, in case you crash.

Q: Website is down!! I can't vote!!!
A: Please be patient, the website might be getting DDoS'ed or updated, or just overloaded. Check back later.

Q: When I start maple for the first time, it doesn't work! (error 32)
A: lot of things could be wrong. First make sure you're clicking on Myplestory V.117.exe and that it is inside the Maplestory folder. If that fails, run Mlestory v117 setup again and install it to a folder on your desktop, and then drag the files from the Myplestory client to that folder and try again. If that fails, go back to and re-download the files. Make sure anti-virus programs are disabled.
It is okay for the patcher to run the first time you start Myplestory. It should only take a few minutes.

Q: I can't finish the quest xxxxx?
A: Most quests do not work in Myplestory, simply because there isn't much use for them. If you need to job advance, use the player command @myple.

Q: Does the cash item xxxxx work?
A: If you have to ask, probably not. If it's something that is abusable, like a drop coupon, probably not. CS is mostly used for buying super miracle cubes, pets, equips, and platinum scissors of karma. And no, you probably won't get refunded if you already bought something that didn't work. Just in case, don't buy anything without asking if it works. Things that don't work include most special cubes except super, almost all exp coupons (the 4 hour one might work), and hair coupons.

Q: How do I delete cash items?
A: If the items are in your cash slot, there is no way other than asking a gm to help (and be patient). If the item is in a different slot, put it as the very first item and then type @sellitems eq or @sellitems use without the quotes.
Make sure there is a blank space after the item or else the auto-seller will sell everything until it finds a blank space. Example below.

Q: Can I trade cash items?
A: Yes, follow the directions in the trade menu (@offeritem [quantity] [name of item]). You cannot trade untradeable items.

Q: My [insert skill here] skill doesn't work, halp!
A If a skill doesn't work, please look in this thread to see if your bug has already been posted. If not, post it! Be patient while bugs are being fixed.

Q: Where is a good place to train at level xxx?
A: Refer to here. If you're 140+, a new feature called boss pq is good exp. There are usually nice players at the myple tree map who will let you leech while they farm points.

Q: How do I get to boss pq? What does nbpq and hbpq mean?
A: Type @myple and click [NEW] Warp to Mypletree NBPQ=Normal boss party quest. HBPQ... well figure it out yourself

Q: What drops the xxxx item (or, I need a lvl 70+ equip)?
A: Look up monster drops on or They usually have accurate answers. If you want to make sure the monster you are farming drops the item, use the command @checkdrop in the map with the monster.

Q: I couldn't find an answer to my question!!
A: First read Revaicon's amazing All in One Myplestory Guide, which goes through basic player commands, voting, etc. If you can't find an answer still, use the xat chatbox on the Myplestory homepage to ask a question. You need to click "show" in order to see the chatbox.

Don't forget to post suggestions in the comments Smile


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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Bronzy on Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:29 pm

Amazing guide! This will definitely help out new players! Very Happy



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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Revaicon on Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:41 pm

Great idea for a guide, and great work! Smile Definitely adding a link to this in mine. This will help a lot of people, as these are quite common questions. Very Happy Thanks!


IGN: Revaicon


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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Seena787 on Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:36 am

/sticked great thread



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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Dicks on Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:25 pm

Great. cyclops



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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Sponsored content

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